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Description: A sequel to an ealrier film about a woman hunting and sellinh slaves in Post Apocalyptic America.
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MsKnottyPerv - 1521 days ago
Okay.. as in the aspect that this really does go on... Its just horrible. Slavery has been around since who knows when, but way too long! I think it's only good if its someone whos a willing slave. NOBODY should be taken against their will. But on a purely artistic note, this is a great trailer and i would actually watch it. It's the fantasy, just the idea of doing this as a role play, that is sexy. The chicks are hot too of course. I really enjoyed this clip, for my own amusement. I understand where ya'll are coming from, but this is just a fetish website. If you dislike slavery in real life, research it and find out how to HELP fight it from happening. Everyone's ancestors have probably been a slave at one point or another in history. Learn from the past and try to fix the future.. Just sayin.... Thanks for posting!
RogueRaider - 2297 days ago
Human slavery has taken on a new face these days. Kidnapped and prepared to be sex slaves. Young-looking blondes, like in this video, are most desired. It's a harsh reality of today's world.
Celandina - 2297 days ago
[/quote]Human trafficking is big in some Eastern European and poorer countries[/quote]\r\n\r\nOh yes, in Kiev there are no taxis I had to take a ponygirl cart from the airport. Then I bought a couple to drive me around :)
Dragonlord - 2298 days ago
this is just a sad reflection upon the nastiness that is happening even now. this is a reminder of how far we have come...and how far we have yet to go
cali-cutie - 2298 days ago
From what I know, similar stuff to this really goes on. Human trafficking is big in some Eastern European and poorer Asian countries. Sad actually.
Celandina - 2298 days ago
Not appealing .... \r\n\r\nShe is a 26 year old Czech model !!\r\n\r\n... and very appealing Czech model !!\r\n\r\n
monroecutie11007 - 2298 days ago
diffrent but i like it !
tjh0 - 2298 days ago
weird ok very odd
johndoe - 2298 days ago
That's terrible! She was a little girl??!! Not appealing
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