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June's selection is Cheyenne and Jason by Misty Malone from Blushing Books. Also available on Amazon Kindle.

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anybody near northern indiana that wants to spank or be spanked? I do either or. I prefer hand and belt spankings. but I am open to the paddle and the cane. I have previous spanking experience as well. female or male . pm me

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Today is my Birthday for once it didn't rain on my Birthday lol

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Hello again, what follows is a long overdue update. I didn't realise just how long it is since I've been on this site.

Anyway, after a parting of the ways with my Head Girl, I spent quite a long time falling back into my 'old ways' of laziness with my diet and exercise program and began living life to the full, unhealthy food wise, not tidying up around my newly damp coursed and decorated house etc.

However, in April this year (2017) after listening to my work mate extolling the virtues of these new fangled Fitbit devices (his wife bought him one for Christmas) I decided to have another go at getting myself into shape, other than round.
Also, I have recently made the acquaintance of a Lady that takes a dim view of me neglecting my health and has taken it upon herself to 'encourage me' to greater efforts.
She is related to, and has been trained by, a respected, local, pro Domme, and, as I found out, she is highly proficient when it comes to administering implements of correction!!

So, I embark upon another journey of self improvement, under the watchful eye of
'Miss C'.

Ahem, after buying my Fitbit, and getting it set up by entering my goals and starting statistics,I submitted them to Miss C for her perusal.
Over the next 18 months, I intend to lose 7 stone and 8 pounds (106 pounds for our colonial cousins across the pond. Just a little over 48Kg for those of a metric persuasion)
Yes, I am that overweight and out of shape!! Scary when seen written down in black and white!

This should be achievable in the 78 weeks that I've allowed myself at a rate of just under a pound and a half a week on average.

I started on April the 10th 2017 and Miss C has set me the task of losing 1 stone (14 lbs/roughly 6 and a half Kgs) by the 10th of May 2017 and another stone from the 10th of May to the 10th of June to start off with.

I am to submit a full, truthful, written, report on my progress on a monthly basis to Miss C. She will then decide upon any remedial action required, depending on the rate of progress, or not!

I know, I know, the 10th of May has passed already, I'm setting the scene.

I will write an update of my first months' progress, and, how I fared in my initial 'introductory meeting' with Miss C very soon, when she introduced me to her 'methods of encouragement'.

Bye for now, I'll update soon.

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(for Belle)

she was a little cautious
in her approach with open eyes
a man of words most eloquent
thinly veiled in his disguise

hey spankygirl
let's have a twirl
and trade our spanky names
like pantyboy
and spankytoy
and others of the same

petite Cherie
I think you'll see
but only time will tell
of spanky names
and spanky games
the place where I excel

I'll tell you more
but must implore
a rose by other names
is still a rose
and heaven knows
a spankings just the same

referring to
of what I do
(wearing panties all the time)
a sissyboy
I do enjoy
a showing of my behind

I like to play
most everyday
and love your words and prose
so don't be shy
no reason why
that's how my story goes

she was a little cautious
my mystery Mademoiselle
forever call me Spanky
and I will surely call you Belle

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My Spanking Roommate
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Tempest and Janie sat waiting, holding hands, trembling, in silence. A knock on the door made their hearts race, but it was just house staff bringing a plug, lubricant and the wet belt. Evan had seen them arrive and returned to the office.

“May I use the arm of your sofa, Raven?”, Evan asked.

“Certainly, Evan, whatever you need.” Raven said, reluctantly. She was nervous. She had called David, to tell him what was going on, but now, she was worried it was going to make everything worse. She knew Evan wouldn't appreciate it, but she had to answer to David, and she wasn't about to cross him. The reason he'd let the kids come to her place to train, was that he knew she would be his eyes, when he was not there.

Evan stood at the sofa, “Come here, Janie.” She came. “Pull your panties down and lift your dress up, around your waist. Bend over the arm.
I'm going to put this plug into your bottom, just like Tempest has. You'll make it easier on yourself, if you push down.” Evan didn't want to hurt Janie, so he jellied up his finger and he spread her cheeks wide, and put his digit up her little pink butthole. A little pressure and the entrance began to open, and soon his finger was in, up to his first knuckle. Janie tightened up in fear, and Evan could feel her muscles clamping down around him. “Push, Janie, or is going to hurt.” She did as she ordered, and he slowly progressed, until he was in. He twisted and turned to lubricate the path, but did nothing to make the experience pleasurable. He quickly extracted his finger and followed with the plug, which because of it's very small size, slid right in.

Janie was scared of the plug. She's never had one before. That finger thing, had happened at the matching and had hurt. She felt his hands pulling her cheeks aside, and then pressure against her bum. She felt it enter her and reach a point of pain. It made her freak out and tighten up, but a warning from Evan made her push and she thought it was in. Then she felt it come out and then in again. She hated it, but the she could feel wetness between her legs. She hugged her legs together, as she felt tingling all over her genitals.

Evan had her bare ass ready and was so annoyed, he began hand spanking her bottom. He felt that Tempest was going to have a really hard time receiving the belt, as her ass had been punished all day. It was only fair, that Janie started with a sore bottom too! “I'm going to start you off, with a good sore bottom, when you get that stage. Be glad, I don't have time to punish you, like Tempest!”

Janie started crying before he even gave her the first smack. It made him angry, for her to have caused all this grief, and begin whining, when she was called to account. She would accept this punishment, if he had to bind her, to do it. He spanked her hard, concentrating on her sit spots, but he wasn't satisfied.

Janie hadn't expected this spanking. He was being so mean! His hands was so big and heavy. Each slap made her cheeks shake as it hit. The sting and burn, kept growing with every whack, until her sit spots glowed!

“I need a paddle, Raven. Do you still have Stern’s?” He asked.

“Yes, but it's brutal, Evan. I don't know about that.” She cautioned.

“Give it me. It's just what I need.”, said Evan. Janie was bawling. She was scared and already worried about the “on stage” punishment. Evan kept “upping” the penalty. It wasn't fair.

A tap came at the door, and Raven buzzed David into the circus, only to find his daughter, bent over, plugged, with a red bottom. Evan was holding Stern's paddle whip. David had already heard about the trouble Janie had kicked up and the proposed punishment.

“Get that plug out of her ass, Evan. I said no penetration of any kind, did I not?”

“It's very small, David.” Evan said defensively. He'd forgotten that directive, in his determination to match Dylan's methods. He felt like he was so far behind the younger man, who was once his student.

“That is entirely beside the point.” David said firmly. He walked over to Janie, and pulled it out and tossed it in the floor. “Did I fail to make myself clear? She's been here about three hours and look at this mess!”

“Oh, Daddy. Please I just want to go home!”
Janie sensed that the tides may be turning, and maybe she would be saved this humiliation.

“That is up to you, Janie. I'll take your home, AFTER your punishment, but it means the match is done. Is that what you want?”

“Oh no, Daddy. I love him.” Janie started to get up to go to her Daddy.

“You stay right there, Janie. I heard all about it. You deserve everything Evan is going to give you. The plug has been removed for a different reason, entirely. Go ahead, Evan, paddle her, but you'll have to hold her down on your lap, if you're going to use that.” David poured himself a drink and went to give Raven a kiss. “Our Little darlings, right?” He shook his head…”Unbelievable!”

Evan pulled Janie on her feet, and guided her, with panties down and dress up, to the big leather sofa. He put her between his legs and pulled her over one leg. He used his other one, to hold her. She was moved farther over his lap, to expose all of her most vulnerable areas. He gripped the handle of Stern's wicked paddle whip, It had such weight. He could feel the series of metal plates, divided for flexibility, between the leather stitching. Evan hadn't seen it work before, but he heard it was devastating. You were supposed to crack it like a whip, and each plate fell in turn, with a violent consequence.

He raised his arm, and whipped the paddle down, pulling back at the end with a snap. The sound was loud enough to be clearly heard, above the din of the club, just outside. It took a fraction of a second , for the pain to register, and Janie's body, lifted in a contortion of pain as a horrid, guttural, sound escaped her lips. In mere moments, her bottom turned purple. Evan had never intended such a severe result, but he couldn't stop it now, or David would most certainly take Janie from his care. He doubted that David would spare her, regardless of who delivered the punishment. He lifted his arm only half as high, and skipped the flick of the wrist. It hit her sit spots and she still screamed. The result of this one was not quite as harsh, and he followed it with a wimpy hit to her thighs, which he could see, welted her skin. He wanted to stop, as her cries ripped at his heart. He glanced at David, who was losing patience. He bit the bullet and hit her twice more, firmly. Janie screamed and cried. He was barely able to contain her. He put the paddle down as Dylan came to the door.

“We're ready for the girls.” Dylan announced and all eyes turned to him. He took Tempest by the arm and headed to the door. Evan grabbed Janie and followed. He did not bother, pulling her panties up.

The crowd roared as the two beauties were brought to the stage and bent over a long padded bench. Their dresses were lifted and Tempest’s panties were lowered. The girls bottoms were on display. They were both crying, as the sea of people cheered. It was bedlam.

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she offered up a spanking
and short skirted lap to ride
I heard her say
I don't have the day
for the timid to decide

not one for hesitation
while I stand in nylon pants
for loving touch
with wooden brush
to do my spanky dance

she liked to teach a lesson
of good old fashioned days
as by design
and kindred mind
I just love her spanking ways

now heaven sent a blistering
across her legs and pantyhose
the likes of which
with willow switch
and others I have known

she took her satisfaction
in showing me my place
and when she's through
I'm telling you
she has a smile upon her face

standing now with back to me
she lifted her short skirt
told to address
each mound of flesh
her lovely bottom round and pert

a promise made and vow to keep
my lips caressed her underwear
"now don't be late
for spanking dates"
as I kissed her derriere

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Hello just letting you know that we have decided to record and post some of my punishments we're just trying to figure out which ones we're going to post. So bare with us and sure we'll be bringing you real dd lifestyle punishments. Have a great weekend...

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Is there anyone in the orange county or los angeles area that would to spank me or be spanked by me contact me please i dont know enough people

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Knickers round her knees, and the exquisite embarrassment of having her bare bottom smacked .....

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My Spanking Roommate
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Gigans - my profile

Leather belts, leather military belts, leather duty belts, corporal punishment, spanking,... :-)

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she loved her floral patterns
and she casts a floral spell
inside her spanking daydreams
drawn in shades of soft pastels
and everytime she spoke to me
and as far as I could tell
I was pulled a little deeper
down inside her wishing well

I would trace the floral patterns
that I hold inside my mind
across a silken panty seat
with discerning spanking eye
and in between her daydreams
where desire must reside
my hands would do their wanderings
across her bottom and her thighs

and if you were to call me up
I'd confess and claim as true
a longing for and strong desire
to see your spanking view
of silken legs and stocking tops
and of course your high heeled shoe
while turning your most ample cheeks
a most loving crimson hue

an image framed in looking glass
my eyes they would behold
a short chemise of floral print
and if I may be quite so bold
I'd have you right across my lap
and most playfully I'd scold
while listening to your promises
and of all your secrets told

she'll bat her Cheshire eyes at me
in a game that I know well
if given half a chance to say
oh the stories I would tell
of satin sheets and silken dreams
where desire goes to dwell
finger tracing floral patterns
and tripping softly while I fell

invite me for a cup of tea
and perhaps some boudoir games
with a paddle and a hairbrush
I'll call you silly spanky names
and you can bat your eyes at me
but still the thought remains
of all your floral patterns
to speak of more I should refrain

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My Spanking Roommate
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Yesterday turned out to be a very long day.. dave n I left at 8am to drive to get his son n didn’t get back home again til a lil after 11pm… now the drive down was only 4 hrs n the drive back only 4 hrs but we stopped by the cabin where we had to unload a cord of firewood… ( damn I’m really feelin it today).. we also made a trip to two of his friends houses along the way for a visit as he hasn’t seen them in quite a while…but we did have some “fun” that wasn’t planned on…

We drove the 2 hrs to the cabin n I admit I was doin the majority of the work as hes been havin heart n breathein issues .. I had on a long skirt , tank top, sandals, ugly brown work gloves, n a bug net… he laughed at me a few times n I laughed back sayin I didn’t care how I looked, I didn’t wanna bugs in my ears, eyes, nose, mouth…. The skirt was makin it a lil difficult to do the I bunched it up n tried tuckin it in the front but it would only stay just so long ..

from behind me “just take it off”..

I turned n he was smiling a evil grin so I shrugged, slipped it off n tossed it to him.. now I’m naked from the waist down….

“ u don’t know what ur doin to me lil girl”…..

I felt that “twinge” in my belly”…. “do tell”….

He came up behind me n took my hand.. led me to a fallen down tree n guided me over it… the bark was rough against my skin so he told me to wait n came back with his jacket that had been in the jeep, he placed it under me…

Once I was back in place he came behind me, his hands on my hips, grindin his hardness against my naked bottom…

“see what u do to me lil girl”

“u act like that’s MY problem” as I laughed…

“really? U really want to get smart mouthed now?”

“really? U really want to get smart mouthed now” I mimicked

I felt him move to the side of me , his hand rubbin my backside.. n then connectin… about 10 semi hard spanks..then some rubbin…

“is that the best u got?” I teased…

I heard him laugh before his hand reconnected on my bottom… it stung but I didn’t struggle…(well not much lol)….

“nice color babygirl” as his hands rubbed my skin again..

“ ur losin ur touch… u spank like a lil girl” as I laughed hard…

“that’s it!” he looked around… left my side n broke off a switch n I heard it whip thru the air as he tested it out…

Back to my side again n he tapped it against me.. then the first blow landed… it smarted .. I jumped up even tho I laughed.. he pushed me back down… another strike, harder than the first

“holy shit!” lol…

“still spank like a lil girl?” as he laughed too

“more like a baby if u want the truth”

“oh ur really askin for it” .. he placed his hand in the center of my back n whipped my bare ass over n over.. I was dancing in place n yelpin out….

Dunno how many times he got me but my bottom burned.. now his hands caressed out the sting, he turned me around n leaned me back as he went down on me n made me cum… my screams fillin the woods around us…

I moved to return the favor n he stopped me… “we have work to finish lil girl”…. N he moved back to the firewood…

We unloaded the trailer n stacked the wood in the shed.. then made our way out of there….

We finished what we set out to do.. getting his son, visitin his friends n comin back home….

We were all tired n his son went to bed almost as soon as we got in the door… I took a few mins to check email n yahoo n facebook n saw he was fallin asleep in his chair… I stood up n went over to him..

“wanna play?” as I slipped my hand under his shorts…

He opened his eyes… “ I’m tired”…

“too tired to play?”

He smiled a lil .. I took his hand n led him out to the back porch… I slid his shorts down n motioned for him to sit down… he did… I leaned in n gently kissed his nose.. then his chin.. then his lips.. bitin his lip as my hand squeezed his balls… soft butterfly kisses on his neck… down his chest… I could see he was quite hard already..

“what r u doin babygirl?”…

“shhhhhh” as I moved lower, flickin my tongue over the head of his hard cock…hearin the deep moan in his throat…

“Did u ask if u could do that ” he said as I swirled my tongue under the rim of his hardon….

“ i didn’t n I since when do I ASK to do anything?”… flickin my tougue back n forth over the throbbin vein of his cock..

His head was back.. his eyes closed…

Then he stopped me… just like that.. he eased my head away n said “ that’s all u get”

“haha! N who misses out if we stop now?”…

“u heard me, no more”

I watched his face a moment n then my naughtier side kicked in…

“if I stop I’m gonna pee on u”

“u do n I’m gonna tan ur bottom so u cant sit for a week”…

( now dave n I experiemented with pee play ONCE before.. back when we first got together… he had lay back in the tub n had me stand over him, straddling him n peein on his cock… then we switched places n he peed on my breasts, my belly, my pussy… it was “ok” but we both decieded it wasn’t somethin we really liked or wanted to do even tho that one time was fun… )

He watched me carefully as I stood up, hitched up my skirt, slipped onto his lap, straddling him, feelin his hard cock between my legs..

“I’m warnin u lil one.. u better not”

But the twinkle was there.. right there in his eyes n I knew he really wanted me to… n at that moment.. so did i…. I wrapped my arms around his neck.. bringin my lips to his.. runnin my tongue over his lips, kissin him, his hands went to my hips n then I leaned back.. I wanted to see his face…

“I’m gonna do it… I’m gonna do it Poppabear…. I’m gonna pee all over ur hard cock”

His hand landed on my bottom, then again… “ I warned u”…

“yes u did”… my clit was so swollen, tinglin so bad… I ground against him… slippin up n down him…I eased up n lowered myself onto his hardness… I heard him gasp n his fingers dug into my hips…

“don’t! don’t u dare!” he warned

But I did… I let it go.. my hot wet pee .. I let it trickle at first.. watchin his face.. n then there was no holdin back.. I let it flow freely.. he pumped his hips up.. thrustin his cock up into me as I bounced up n down on him…. I thought for sure he would cum first but I beat him to it… the spasms ripped thru my body n my screams pushed him over the edge…faster n harder he fucked me til I felt his hot cum erupt inside me….i collapsed against him.. he raised my face n his lips found mine… his hands squeezein my ass cheeks as he kissed me hard…

I broke the kiss… “oh no u don’t.. u don’t get to kiss me.. u owe me a spankin” n I laughed

“oh ur gonna get one , trust me”.. as he inched me off his lap , pulled me to his side n down across his knees.. he wasted no time spankin my bare wet ass…. He quickly set my bottom on fire..teasin my bottomhole with his finger…. it didn’t quite last as long as I would of liked n maybe wasn’t as hard as id of liked either but it was nice…

Then I cleaned up the mess.. took his hand n led him to the shower with me…… nice end to a long evenin….

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I wasn’t raised on kindness.

But for all the scars that left, I at least retained enough pride to get out, running away at 17.

I got thru college on a scholarship, but needed a place to go during the summer. I responded to an advertisement in the college paper recruiting students to work summers on a biblically-linked archaeological dig in Northern Israel, 5 miles South of Nazareth.

I jumped at the chance to get even further from home. I lived in a kibbutz, ate from a fire, and spent my days digging thru thousands of years of rubble. I loved the work and history, and really, really loved the dig leader, Avi.

Avi was in his early thirties, tall with brown eyes and hair. He was both muscular and tan from working outdoors and had the military-derived stance of every of-age man in Israel.

My childhood may have left a few more wires loose in my brain than I care to admit, because what I loved most about Avi was his stern demeanor. He frequently scolded me, like, “Young lady, don’t you dare lift that heavy log or I’ll turn you over it.”

His scoldings sounded like love to me. For the first time in years, someone actually cared if I was healthy and safe. I had a crush to rival Juliet.

I was bummed when Avi had to leave for a week for military reserve training. I enjoyed hanging out with the other students, but they would eventually go to bed, and I was on such a high from my relationship with Avi, I couldn’t sleep. So I went for long runs in the middle of the night.

I ran along the highway linking our site and Nazareth. It was well lit and there were always cars on the road, so it felt safe enough to me, even though I knew it was against camp rules. What I did not anticipate was stepping on a Black Adder at 3am, 5 miles from the dig. Hell, I didn’t even know what a Black Adder was.

The snake bit me right above my right ankle. I screamed in pain and jumped back falling into the road. The snake moved faster than I did and was gone before I really knew what happened.

I crawled on my hands and knees off the road and then limped the 5 miles back to camp, returning just as the sun and Avi returned.

Avi saw me on the driveway, my ankle now twice its normal size. He jumped from his car, lifted me into his arms, and ran me to the camp infirmary.

The nurse gave me antihistamines to reduce the swelling and anti-biotics to prevent secondary infections. She said I needed to stay off my leg for 5 days. Avi was convinced I needed to be seen at the local hospital, but the nurse talked him down. She said Black Adder venom was rarely deadly, and she promised to keep an eye on me in the infirmary during the day, and he could watch me at night.

My confinement ended as the Tish’a B’Av holiday began. When Avi returned to camp that night, the nurse, with the rest of our campmates, left for the weekend.

As avi entered the infirmary, I asked him if he was leaving for the weekend. "No young lady, you clearly can’t be trusted to be alone.” I was already feeling sorry for myself after 5 days in bed, and those words did me in, I rolled over in my bed and started to cry. Avi leaned over me and chided “Belle, save the tears, you are going to need them in a minute. Now, get up and go to my office.”

I was still crying when Avi joined me 5 minutes later. I wasn't scared of him. Nor was I scared to be hit, I had been hit many times before. I was distraught because I had begun to fantasize about a lifelong relationship, and I was sure I had ruined everything.

The office was nothing more than a folding chair, an old wooden desk, and boxes of digging supplies. Without speaking to me, Avi cleared off the top of the desk. He then took my upper arm firmly in hand and whispered in my ear, "Belle, turn and face the table; this will be over as quickly as you make-it, and then we can start over."

I almost choked, as my breath and hope returned. He was saying we could still be together. Like a love-struck goof, I responded almost gleefully, “OK thank you, Sir”. My tone in ironic contrast to the tears streaming down my face, and Avi hid a smile.

I turned to face the desk. Avi went to pull down the scrubs I had worn in the infirmary, but they were tied snug at the front of my waist. At first he tried to reach around me to undo the knot, but I was becoming embarrassed, and pulled away from him. So instead Avi grabbed the back of my scrubs with both hands and ripped them to my knees. He then easily pulled down my underwear.

My nerves were back in full force as I laid the weight of my upper body on the table, but for the most part I was in control; that is until I heard Avi slide his belt from its loops. That sound sparked a shudder of fear in my spine and I shot up. Avi seemed to anticipate the fight. He pinned my hands behind my back, held me down to the table, and delivered the first strike.

My entire body revolted at the sting but instead of yelling out, I squeezed tight in every way possible - my eyes, my mouth, my legs; I held everything in and remained drawn tight as stripes two and three decorated my skin. After four, Avi shook me gently saying "breath young lady”.

It took me a moment, but I did, and Avi resumed the whipping. I ran in place with my legs as the sting grew with each subsequent lick. I made ridiculous promises about being safe I couldn’t keep with an army, and I desperately squirmed my bottom trying to deflect the belt from my most tender of spots, just above my legs.

Perhaps three dozens in, my fight failed, I laid my head on the table and begged "please Avi, I’m so sorry. I know I wasn’t suppose to go out alone.”

Avi replied, “good girl” but the spanking did not stop, just the whipping. He put down the belt, grabbed me tightly by my waist, leaned forward, and throttled me with his bare hand over and over without pause until I threw my head back wailing in pain and tried to crawl thru the table.

The spanking continued until I was a spent, subdued, and crying like a little girl. And it felt like love.

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Mt friends, Matt here to ask for help.

Recently, the desire for discipline had increased in me. Maybe is the stress, maybe im just feeling more naughty; the fact is that I'm increasingly needed to be punished by my dear girlfriend, Mydar.
The question is: what are the simplest dynamics of domestic discipline that I can introduce into our relationship?

Maybe something related do spanking and teach me, cause I will remember one thing FOREVER if I'm spanked for doing it (or not having done).

So i ask, do you have some advice or suggestion for me? Help another submissive man, brothers!

My Spanking Roommate
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One sketch Master dreams will come true one day.

Caned Schoolgirl