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Little bothers me more than a lie from a friend, especially my girl. After all, we are supposed to be best friends right? Well, Lynn used to lie when the truth would do. I didn’t address every lie she told me, but maybe that was my mistake. This is an account of one of those times I did hold her accountable.

I was asked to pick her up after her shift where she worked as a waitress in Bloomfield. At that time cell phones were still relatively new and I still had not owned one but she did. I called her and asked when she would finish and she told me she had no idea but would call me. I got tired of waiting by the phone so I decided to go and wait at the bar where she worked.

Taking a seat at the corner of the bar where I could see the restaurant I ordered a beer and started watching a little TV. Some time had passed when Lynn entered the bar with a few coworkers and began to share a pitcher of beer. I sat quietly and waited for her to notice me and thought we would share a good laugh about it.

With more time passing and her still not noticing me I decided to try something. I should say that Lynn didn’t have the best sight without her glasses and she didn’t like to wear them often, especially to work, which is why she didn’t seem to notice me. Back in this day public phones were still prevalent so I grabbed 35 cents and called her cell.

Watching her from the phone in the corner she dug her phone from her purse. Once she answered I asked her when she thought she would be done and again I got the same answer as before. So I played along and decided to watch and see how things unfolded.

It wasn’t too much longer until she noticed me. By that time I was quite irritated by her dishonesty. She could have easily told me she wanted to have a few beers, hell, even invited me to join her. Not showing my feelings I shared in a good laugh with her and after we finished our beer I told her we had to leave. She never liked leaving once she started but I convinced her we needed to, so off we went.

Once in the car I began to lecture her on lying. Like most girls she didn’t like to have to answer for her actions or behaviors. She did not like when I chose to punish her either but dreaded my questions and reprimand. She could be very playful in the bedroom and liked a little rough play including good and hard swats across her ass but hated formal spankings. However, she much preferred a spanking to my inquisitions once caught.

I pulled up to our place and told her we needed to finish the talk upstairs. She knew what this meant and stayed in the car as to avoid the inevitable. I returned to her side of the car and she locked the door. I pulled the keys from my pocket and she looked upset at forgetting I could so easily squash her effort to hide. I calmly opened her door and told her she could avoid me for only so long and it would only serve to upset me further.

She was familiar with my ability to keep score and remind her of this during our little discussions. So, she reluctantly surrendered and followed me upstairs. We lived in a third story apartment at the time and I know it was a long and quiet walk up to face her little ordeal. I get all tingly inside just thinking about the butterflies that must have been tormenting her little tummy on that walk up the winding stairwell.

Ever the gentleman, I open the door for my lady and in we go. Hey, just because I am a gentleman this does not mean I won’t beat the britches off my girl, especially for lying to me. Continuing in my chivalry I escort her to the living room couch where her sentence is to be carried out. I sit down and patiently wait to see how she conducts herself in the following moments.

This is another part of the cat and mouse game that I love to play… sometimes. It is in moments like this I am certain she wishes I simply grab her and force my brand of justice on her. I look at it like this, I have had to stew in my emotions of being lied to while watching her drink with friends and lie to me so she earned herself a little anxiety and I watch her pace from the corner of my eye as I am certain she is wondering how bad this one is gonna be on her.

Growing tired of the wait she sits down next to me and asks when we are going to talk about this. Informing her that all the talking is done I watch her expression go from bad to worse. She complains about being treated like a child and I ask her how mature is it to lie when she could have simply been straight up with me. Not having answers to my guidance I can see the fight leave her and surrender set in. I so love this moment. I think it forms an even stronger emotional bond to see her understand why I do what I do and accept responsibility for her own actions rather than need to be overpowered.

Rising to kneel on the couch next to me, she lowers her body to lie across my wide stretched lap. Continuing with a little “cat and mouse” which at this point has become more like lion and lamb, I stretch my arms out to rest on the back of the couch and just watch her. Wondering why I am not beginning she looks over her shoulder and asks me what I am waiting for. I reply with a question of my own and ask what it is she is forgetting.

Offering a muffled groan she rises back to her knees and begins the humiliating process of undoing her slacks. I revel in her embarrassment as she tries to avoid eye contact with me during this process of preparing herself for my soon to come chastisement of her. Wiggling them to her knees she hooks her thumbs into the elastic waistband of her cute little panties and finally gives me a doe eyed pleading look and I know what she is asking. I simply raise an eyebrow and glance back and forth from her panties to her pouting face and my point has been made and slowly down they come.

Lowering herself yet again to her unrestful resting spot, she asks me not to be too hard on her. I reply with something to the effect of I will be as hard on her as I feel she needs to learn a lesson that has been taught several times already. I know my point is only beginning to be made with this girl so I take my time with her. Any job worth doing is worth doing right and this is a job worth doing. With Lynn, spanking was my business and she had a way of making sure business was good. Forgive my cliché-ness.

In times like this I find the juice to be worth the squeeze. What I am saying is it hurts to be lied to by a girl I care for but the man in me finds moments like this to be so sweetly intimate that it was worth my pain to share this kind of a moment with her, I just hope she does not feel the same. So I look at this as a dance between us and take my time. I don’t just grab her wrist and yank her on to the floor. No, this is a courtship dance and I want to show her what life will be like with me. In the end, I want the lesson to be worth the pain, for both of us.

First I admire her form as she lies there on display for me. I now must begin my adjustments and I wonder if she can feel the adjustment that needs to take place and is throbbing beneath her. I take her shirt and inch it slowly up her back. Then I softly slide my hand down and over her round little bum and work her panties down a bit further. I like for there to be a stark contrast between my touch before and after her punishment than what she feels during it. I may be upset with her but I need her to feel loved despite her shortcomings.

Satisfied that she is positioned to my liking I begin. I swat her good and hard right smack dab in the middle of her tensed ass and she lets out a howl and raises her upper body from the couch as if wanting to spring from my sudden attack. I warn her she will make this worse on herself and she resubmits herself to me knowing my threats are never idle. I continue with a barrage of solid swats, alternating to random spots so she can not anticipate where the next will fall and she continues to cry out and wriggle beneath my hand.

Just as she starts to come to a nice glow there is a thundering knock at the door. I hear our downstairs neighbor shouting that he is going to call the police if we do not answer the door. Lynn jumps from my lap and fixes her clothing as I walk to and casually answer the door. A man who I have not met yet as we only recently moved in begins to interrogate me. I look at him as calmly and casually as I feel and thank him sincerely for caring about my girl enough to make such an effort to protect her.

(Continued in Part 2 Below)

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Looking at me quite puzzled he demands to see my girl with his own eyes. I agree and invite him into our kitchen but he only steps just in the door. I am an intimidating looking guy I have been told so I think he wanted an open door just in case and kept a foot in the doorway. I calmly called Lynn in and she skipped in the room like a kid without a care in the world and I offered to step out so he could ask her anything he wished without feeling like I was coercing positive responses from her and left the room.

I could hear them talking and Lynn sounded just as casual and confident as I did. I could tell he was a bit confused by what he actually found, probably certain he would find a crime scene by the way she was hollering not minutes before. Upon reentering the room I saw the puzzled look on his face. I reached out to shake his hand and he didn’t reach back. If he only took a moment to notice the rump my girl had he should have wanted to shake my hand just knowing where it had just been. It is obvious this was not a man after my own heart.

Before he turned to make his exit and ascend the stairs he climbed to rescue my girl from her attacker he threatened us stating if he ever heard such sounds again he would skip the confrontation and call the police directly. I thanked him again and closed the door politely behind him and Lynn and I walked into the living room where we had a good laugh together. Her laughing ceased however when I informed her that our kind neighbor only served to provide her a stay of execution and I would have to figure out a way to keep our relationship in order while keeping myself out of jail and us from being evicted. I wish you could have seen the smile vanish from her face and the worry set back in, absolutely delightful.

The next few days were like a scouting project. It took me some time to figure out the “where” I was going to finish what Lynn started on that fateful day she made the decision to lie to me, now I just had to figure out the “when”. I admit I felt a little bit of a mix between a Hollywood movie scout and a little naughty. If our neighbor could see what he has driven us to he would have the cops waiting for us.

I like that some time had passed between the introduction to her sentence and the grand finale. I could tell by the look on her face when I picked her up that she didn’t have a care in the world. That was soon about to change but I was not about to let her know. Is there anything wrong with a man who likes to surprise his lady now and then? Especially when she earns her own surprises? Hmm?

She was dressed perfectly for the occasion with her hair done so smart and this little blue and white dress that sorta puts me in mind of some 50”s USO Girl goin’ for a Naval theme. Finishing her little outfit off with a medium black heel she was not looking prepared for what was soon to come. With a smile she plops her little carefree fanny in the seat next to me and I smile back knowing secretly what’s in store. I know what some of you guys are saying and no I did not get out and open her door for her. That is reserved for special occasions and date nights. I like chivalrous gestures to stand out and not be taken for granted so this is my way of keeping us in balance. (more to come on my personal philosophy here shortly)

On the way home she notices me off our usual route and asks where we are going. Not wanting to reveal my hidden agenda I simply reply, “Oh, did I miss a turn?” Continuing on she asks again why I have not corrected my error at the last turn and I shrug it off by agreeing my head must be in the clouds today. I can see her next to me studying my moves now and getting suspicious this is no accident anymore and then I pull into a local park.

As she asks what we are doing here I keep my eyes scanning the area for others and reply it would be in her best interest to be quiet and wait for me to let her know. I can immediately see a look of concern from her but she must have felt the mood was changing fast and she folded her hands in her lap and stared straight ahead through the windshield. Observing the park to be deserted, as I expected it to be during a mid-school day, I found a shady parking spot near the baseball field and slowly swung in and shut the vehicle down.

Telling her to remain where she was at I took the keys from the ignition and tucked them under the seat. (I didn’t want anything in my pockets because my lap was due a visitor) I then walked around to her side if the car and opened her door. (the opening of her door this time was to make her feel apprehended and not so much like a lady)Reaching down I took her by the bicep and lifted her to her feet. Closing her door I kept hold of her to make her feel there was not even a chance of escape and marched slowly through the gate toward the field.

I kept her slightly elevated on the side I had my grasp for effect. I felt it important she felt like a child in that moment and this was my way of giving this to her. We both knew why she was here and what we were doing so there was no need for talking and I continued to escort her right around the wall of the dugout that faced out into nowhere.

I carefully chose this location as it both provided us with not only a visual barrier but a sound barrier as well. If someone were to be walking through the park it is likely the sound of her punishment would be projected outward toward the drop off into the trees toward the homerun fence. The time was also perfect being most kids were at school and adults at work. No park maintenance was a stroke of luck in my favor and to her detriment.

Pulling her into the dugout I took my seat and dragged her over my knee. This was not the time or place to dance with her. I flipped up her skirt and was delighted to find a cute pair of navy blue full back panties with large white polka dots. I slid my hand in through the left leg hole, across her bare bottom the hid beneath and slightly out the other leg hole and in one swift motion yanked them down to mid-thigh.

Quickly raising my right hand I began to land very hard and fast shots to her up-turned ass. The sound from my hand was like a rifle with the echo of that brick enclosure. She did her best to muffle herself and she would let out a heavy “Umph!” with every swat till she couldn’t bear it no more and began to really cry hard.

She remained as stoic as she could and really surprised me that she never reached back to protect herself. She would bend her knees and straighten her legs as I walloped her. I imagine this was an attempt to alleviate the pain being inflicted upon her. She had a tight hold on my leg and I could feel her nails gripping to hold on as tight as she could through the heavy jean material.

None of this deterred me, not for a moment. She had this one coming and I was bound and determined to teach her a valuable lesson once and for all. By this time a puddle of tears were forming below her face in the dirty pavement and tuning the dust to mud. I just kept on firing away, firm and fast.

I kept up with her punishment for some time after she began to really cry hard. I’m unsure how much I gave her but if I had to estimate, I would guess somewhere in the neighborhood of fifty saws found her little bottom that day. I use both a girls reactions and the condition of her skin to judge when to finish her punishment. Let’s just say I exceeded my usual comfort zone that day.

After I felt my point had been made and her lesson well learned I immediately lifted her to her feet, swung her around and sat her on my lap. She immediately wrapped her arms around my neck and continued to cry onto my shoulder saturating me with tears. I put my arms around her and just softly rocked her back and forth in a tight hug.

With her panties still at half mast, I slipped my hand under her skirt and gently rubbed her bare bum. I could not believe the heat radiating from her ass as I rubbed a little of the sting away. She continued to cry in my arms for some time as I whispered to her that it was all behind her now and all between us was once again in order.

I had never spanked her that hard before. Then again, this was a lesson I had tried to teach her several times in the past, so I felt it important to raise the stakes for her. I can only think of one time when I had to spank her harder than that, but that my friends is another story…

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I am convinced there are few feelings worse than needing a good spanking when your partner is not around to give you one.

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We are very excited to announce the launch of my new website,! Make sure and visit often for updates and my upcoming pod-cast!!

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To MY / OUR small ST group.

Regret to announce that today we have lost one of our group.

Laura ,,a wonderful person,and friend who as been with me for over 40 years.Died today.

At her husbands request,I was at her bedside with her when she died,we held hands.Even though I do not think she was aware of my presence.Spritually I do hope she was.

Some of my small group of spanking friends here,will know her well.and personally.

I do hope you will remember the happy times, when we were all younger,and her radiant persona,the life ,the soul of the party like a beaming ray of light shone through.

I will personally contact all friends individually,when funeral arrangements are planed / known.

My Dearest Laura..........RIP

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If you live in the L.A. or Inland Empire area of California and would like a submissive play partner---please read my profile and send me a message. Got to be somebody in this metropolitan area...

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I feel so bad for Marie, she is sick and there is nothing that she can do about it being pregnant. I wish that I had some sort of X-Men power that could take her negative energy and place it onto me. Us as guys just take it for granted that anytime we have a cold, we can take DayQuil/NyQuil to help kick it, but women, who go though the long and difficult process of baring our children, can't do anything about it. It is also totally absurd that in this day in age of prenatal medical breakthroughs, they haven't developed a cold medicine that is safe for mother and baby. Marie was able to get implanted by IVF and even get a flu vaccine that's safe, but they have yet to develop medicine to fight a cold? Are you fucking kidding me? Truth be told, I believe organizations such as the FDA & CDC, are ran by government lackeys who tote the political line and withhold vital information to us the American people.

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Sometimes I get the notion to speak about non-spanking topics on this site. After all, we are a community of people who have many things going on in our lives. Recently, I read a post about someone who is having a problem with a submissive who is addicted to alcohol and drugs. I am a member of AA and have put down the drink. I never did the drugs. Just want to share that DD does not work on addictions! You may temporarily change an addicts behavior but not in the long run. Addicts will pursue addiction into the gates of insanity or death. Spanking or paddling an addict is only a temporary fix for any true addict. Would love to hear from others about this subject and especially from fellow 12 steppers on this site. Went to an AA meeting this morning which I love and the topic was honesty. Great topic for all of us...

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My next punishment will be administered by my wonderful wife as soon as bruising from last one fades, should be about Sunday. I have asked to give me 6 warm up swats with the "Board", followed by a dozen of the toughest punishment swats she can apply with the "Board". She is PISSED!

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Gm Spankos hope everyone is having a wonderful morning. Hope everyone is enjoying the winter weather and snow/ bi polar weather in Ohio. It usaully doesnt snow till after christmas here. And its been snowing for a week now.

So Thankful i got almost all my christmas shopping done just waiting for Black friday so i can finish my shopping. Other than that thanks for the love on the pics etc.... Be safe out their especially everyone who lives in NY.

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What is the most exciting, dangerous or unusual place that you have ever been spanked or spanked someone?

Mine was in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia. My boyfriend spanked me in what we thought was a secluded place but when that led to us having sex, I was so surprised when a train went by. I couldn't look up. I was mortified and he wouldn't stop what he was doing. He was like the Energizer bunny! LOL

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So many people are suffering from lack of self-confidence. The internet can be a curse cause it's so easy to sit back home and hide behind the computer instead of going out and meet real people.

Sometimes it seems to be so hard to socialize with others in the non-cyber-environment.I received a message of a friend who finds it real hard to socialize with other people.
He wants to, but how to start? And where?

It's easy to make friends on the internet - but in the real world? Especially when it should be spankos?

And how are you supposed to get in touch with other spankos if you feel too shy to even talk about spanking and related stuff?

I had some subs who were too shy even talking about it.

So sometimes, I took them to a sexstore and made them ask the shopclerk for advise on... let's say dildos or cockrings or anything like that. Something that automatically leads to a longer conversation and questions and answers.

That way they HAD to talk and look another one in the eyes. And soon they found out, it's NOT killing them nor does it hurt.

(Okay, my very first DD boyfriend ran out of the store, blushing all over and gasping for air like a pitbull on astma... but that was just that one boy and only once. Next time he made it ;)

When it comes to us spankos you'll find us real communicative.
But you need to look in the right places.
We're not walking around with a sign around our necks saying
"I'm a spanko".
(Maybe we should start doing that lol)

But in the right environment, like sexstores, sexclubs and such... you are likely to find us and hardly a vanilla who's running off in scare as soon as you mention what you're interested in :)

Anyone else having ideas? Please comment! Share your thoughts and experiences with those who need ideas and useful advise!


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I don't know about every one else but I love Ivy from real spanking instute. Every time I see that she is in a video I must watch it and rewatch it. She makes me grin like The JOKER. Any one have a fav model that if they have a video you must watch?

Mr. M

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Her backside, thrust up in the air by the stacked cushions, feels enormous, a vast cleft hemisphere of quivering vulnerability.

Nothing wrong with her upper body, clad in a creamy silk shirt, resting on the white sheet.

Nothing wrong with her legs, stretched out behind her.

But her bottom, conveniently upthrust to receive a searing six of the best, is distorted by anticipation into an unmissable target a mile wide.

Her guts lurch as if with a sudden vertigo. Any moment now.

Now! Her whole body jerks in reaction to the fierce pain. You think you’re prepared for it this time, but every time it takes you by surprise anyway.

The pain has barely begun to ebb, when with impeccable timing the second stroke sears its mark across her tender flesh. This time she holds her position. The pain is just as fierce, it’s just not so shocking.

Same for the third, which ratchets the pain up another notch or two.

Stroke four coming. She clenches her bum tight. Why? It does no good. She just can’t not.

Hmmf! She gasps through tightly compressed lips. That hurt! Each stroke is more agonising than the last.

Aaaagh! Damnit! What happened to silent stoicism? Who cares? Her legs with a will of their own are scrabbling for purchase to thrust her out of the line of fire, and it’s all she can do to hold her position. Gyrating jerkily, clenching and unclenching in desperate futile attempts to shake off the pain, but in position.

Aaaaaaagh! Aaagh! She rolls off the cushions into a tight ball, hands clutching her bum as if to prevent it from exploding. She’s gasping in anguish, but half laughing at her contortions too.

And she’s so ready that she’s almost sucking him into her as they fling cane and cushions aside and urgently come together.

So ready that she can’t help herself, and beats him to it before he can catch up with her. Which doesn’t matter because he enters her from behind as she lies panting, cups her burning cheeks in his hands electrifying her into a slow second orgasm, and joins her there with a deep groan of bliss.

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We have always felt that the term "spanking" is only used for certain implements and positions. We feel that term is best to describe old fashion style discipline when the positions used are over the knee or over the lap and the implements used are the hand or brush. Other positions like bent over, on all fours, spread eagle, or being restrained/tied up is in the category of corperal/judicial style punishment and term "spanking" does not apply. Conversely if other kinds of implements are used such as a cane, whip, paddle......then the term "spanking" again does not apply, said implement takes its own form of action (caning, whipping, paddling). Even though each and all things mentioned are forms of discipline, we have always been partial to using the term "punish" in all its forms (punishment, punished, punishing, and punishes) Who has the same views? Who has different ones?

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This week I have been working on a series of audio recordings that revolve around school spankings and paddlings!

The first is Sent Home from School and SPANKED!

will take you back…you come home from school and I call to you. It seems the principal has called me and told me about your misbehavior! This warrants a spanking. A bare bottom over my knee spanking. I tell you to go get the hairbrush and then it’s time to drop your trousers and shorts and lay across my lap! After your spanking, it is the corner so anyone coming in will see your red bottom!
An MP3 available from Ms Rebekah Home from School and SPANKED!

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I tried spanking myself this morning and realized that I really can't handle the stinginess at all. I didn't even get even slightly pink before I had to stop. I am still interested in this topic but I don't think I'd be able to actually do this for real any time soon. Maybe I can work up to it but I am not making any promises to anyone.

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My lovely, and very srict wife and I, decided to go with the thin Lexan paddle to punish me for showing penis during Day 2 of my last punishment. My butt was lightly oiled, and using belt to plump up the target for her, i submissively assume the position, and am taught a lesson. this paddling was indescrbably painful. the Leaxan paddle STINGS!! hope those who watch this enjoy it!

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