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....after I let out the promise he tightened down on me and spanked very very hard I was crying, bawling uncontrollably, as he said " you don't ever!! Lie to me! Is that clear!?" I cried a yyyyyyyeeeeesssssss sssiiirrrr!!!! Then he stops and I cry hard over his knees he let's me catch a little composure then he lifts me up and March's me to the corner, he orders hands on head and nose againest, you can think about what happens when you lie......

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A fantastic play, a wicked spanking. Part 2.

Before I start this part, unfortunately most photos will be banned, as there is blood, only friends of Fetlife will be able to see them. I’ve cut down a couple, so no blood is shown but they are not great. Master also videod this part and is in the process of getting it ready to upload.
If anyone wants the photos, please send your email and I can send them this way. This will also be the case of the video, I can send it using WeTransfer.

So let’s start. You have to bare with me a little as this part is one mass of bundled up pain, but also intense pleasurable pain.
I get up on the bed, head down, ass up waiting, grabbing a pillow to tuck under my chest, there for me to hug onto it and there for me to bite into it.
I know the Jokari paddle was first, after the third swat, my knees had slid down so I was laying down but Master didn’t mind. For the first time of a fun, severe spanking, I didn’t really move, so I was proud of myself. Hugging and biting the pillow really helped.
Master swatted my ass over and over with the Jokari, I don’t know why this paddle is worse than the others but it is. I bought this for Master because of watching one of my favourite disciplinarians, @Niko, on the Tube, his Jokari paddle comes out for severe spankings. And typical me, I seem to buy all the worst toys possible, even now finding and buying some new extreme toys for Master’s enjoyment for Christmas.
Tears started flowing immediately, as I tried to cry silently, teeth clamped on the pillow, hands fisted the sheets. The paddle battered my ass raw. My bottom rippled with each hit and grew more and more crimson. I was told off a few times for rolling sideways but I was trying hard to stay still. He enjoyed paddling all around each cheek. Then he stopped, opening the big toy drawer.
The Giant Devil came out to play then, Master held my feet to keep me central, heavy swats landed over each cheek, sit spot and thighs. My hand went to the side but only to fist the sheet again, I wasn’t going to try to block him. My ass turning crimson as I cried into the pillow.
Next came the new steel spatula I had bought, don’t think I’ve posted a photo of this, so I will do next. Master held my feet again. But it’s terribly sharp and the holes viciously bite into you and I’m sure will cut the skin. I was ordered back up onto my knees, meaning each swat becomes sharper. Harsh swats across my bum on one side then he went to my other side to continue again.
Back to the toy drawer Master went, pulling out the small pink flogger. This is really nasty. Short, sharp strands whip across your beaten ass. My flesh wobbling as I tried to stay still. But he soon swapped to the red suede flogger. Though not as sharp as the pink one, it’s long strands really whip you, tearing at the skin. Master enjoyed aiming the flogger down my crack, across my sit spots and thighs. Occasionally he would ask me a question, but I couldn’t get the words out. Crying, coughing I spluttered an answer. As the onslaught continued.
Putting that away, Master brought out the Rubber Slapper. I hate this, rubber studs bite you, stab at you, some pierce skin, some peel your skin away. It’s nasty, so naturally Master enjoys it. My screams, my reaction is pretty crazy and that’s what Master enjoys. Aiming down my crack, I screech into the pillow, as he holds my feet again, and continues a downward attack. Across my sit spots, and thighs then arse yet again.
Finally he stopped, I think because he was exhausted, and plus 2 areas on each cheek were bleeding. I was shattered from all the crying but this might sound crazy, I loved every bit of it. Slowly I got up onto my knees, it was very painful to move, as I hugged my man, who has willingly joined me into making my spanking fantasy a reality for 2 years and it’s only getting better. We make our dynamic work well around family life and health issues.

I looked at my bum in the mirror and felt proud of the results, I love admiring the bruises for days afterwards. The 2 spots bleeding looked like they needed a plaster. The one on the right side was the one that always bled, there must be a weak area there.
But on the left side, it looks like a section of skin had been peeled/grazed off. It wasn’t bleeding, it was just wet.
I had a quick shower avoiding the water trickling over my bum, I couldn’t use a sponge on my ass so I soaped my hand to carefully wash each cheek and crack. My skin was blistered, so hot and tender to touch. But I can’t help loving it. My pussy felt bruised and battered but in a great way.
Master rubbed cream over my bum, whilst I ouched away. The cream stung the area that was peeled away, I started jiggling as it continued to sting. Hearing Master laugh at my reaction, only made me laugh too. “ It really stings, I think I need a plaster on that part. “ I cried out.
“ Nah, let the air get to it and dry naturally. “ Master replied.
I put my nightie on and we went downstairs to watch TV. As I carefully sit down on my side, but my nightie keeps sticking to the peeled area, I’m hoping it will dry up over night.
Lying in bed was very difficult though better than sitting on a hard stool, my fingers ran over the blistered cheek and I smiled to myself.
In the morning, my backside was very very sore. The peeled area was still wet, sticking to my nightie. I think I will have to put a plaster on this bit as I was going out for lunch with the family for my brothers 50’th birthday. Sitting on a hard seat for a couple of hours is not going to be fun, plus I don’t want my dress to stick on the sore area. But I wonder if anyone will notice me carefully sit down, flinch or sit awkwardly. I will tell you later.

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To all the wonderfully Kind, caring, talented, happy, funny, and wittiest American friends I've made on this here site.....enjoy your T.G. shenanigans y'all. Dx

Brit Spank
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We knew E was working late again, he wasn’t leaving the office until 10 pm, was home around 11 pm. Long day for a 17 yr old kid, But did mean that we could have some fun, even tho the previous night I had a bedtime ouchie, Master had thoroughly enjoyed that spanking, and I had too up until the biting started.
So we had dinner, I was playing my game on my IPad, Master was watching TV then went upstairs for something.
I got a message from him, Upstairs now, naked and get your arse in the air.
It wasn’t unexpected, he had mentioned it the night before when E told us he would be very late.
As I got naked, Master was getting things out, he told me to lie on my back, legs up. Aware that I could, no most likely squirt everywhere, I told Master to put a mat down. He got a puppy pad out but I said, use the new ones. I had bought 2 cot/single bed waterproof mattress protectors, really aimed for children who may wet the bed. I stood up to help him place it down, lay down again.
The instant Master placed the magic wand to my pussy, I felt like I needed to wee. So asked if I could go. Master stopped and said quickly. I went, returned and then moved the mat further down so it covered the duvet completely.
Laying down again, the wand was switched on and held over my clit. Running it up and down, the sensations caused from these wands are so powerful, I was close to cumming so many times. Master squirted a load of lube over me then turned the wand on full. Sliding it up and down, when it was held over my rings, that hurt a bit, kinda felt like the rings were twisting in the hole, I cried out, “ Owww, my rings. “ So Master moved it away, he knew both of us were tender from stretching our piercings.
I then felt a hard, cold dildo being pushed into my vagina, it was one of the new ones that had ridges as the girth grew wider. Sliding over each ridge hurt a bit, I was being stretched at the same time. Master turned the wand on, placing it over my clit, I started to relax into the pleasure from that and being filled. He slid the rest of the dildo in easily as I was so chilled out and he started to pump the dildo in hard and fast. At first it was extremely pleasureable, I moaned, groaned, muttered yes, swore a few times, when he pinched my nipple hard, I screeched out, it felt on fire and couldn’t help but cover them. Master chuckled a little, going back to sliding the wand up and down, until I relaxed again. Closing my eyes, I didn’t notice him grab the Jokari paddle and smacked each nipple, as it was unexpected the pain seemed twice as hard, I covered myself again. But Master just chuckled again.
Master slipped the dildo out, turning the wand off, he slipped his fingers inside my soaking pussy. As soon as his fingers found my G Spot, I screamed out, ready to cum, but needing to squirt first. He roughly thrusted into me until I felt bruised and sore but in a good way. I squirted forever, “ You dirty slut, you just love to squirt don’t you. “ Master stated, he slowed down as I fell back down onto the bed, to catch my breath. But it was only for a few seconds before the thrusts became even stronger and I reached a high once more, squirting yet again, then again. I cried out, “ Can I cum please Master ? “
“ Are you ready to cum, are you sure ? “ He asked. “ Yes, yes, please. “ I begged. “ Okay then. “ He told me as I released all my built up emotions and feelings. It was a wild, aggressive orgasm that lasted a few minutes before collapsing down onto the bed. It was then I noticed my hands had been fisting the bed sheets the entire time. They felt very sore as I relaxed them and moved them around a bit.
Master allowed me a few minutes to come around until his fingers delved into my hot wet tunnel again, this time pushing further in. I knew he was trying to fist me fully, It began to really hurt, I think it was when his knuckles were trying to get through. Master turned the wand on and placed it over my clit again, waiting for me to relax into the pleasure it gives you. It was then he bent down to bite my leg, electric shocks of pain flashed through my body, I punched the bed, wanting to push him away but of course I didn’t, when he let go, my leg felt on fire, I wanted to rub it so much but didn’t. I really really hate biting. So then Master continued to slowly fist me again, the pain was too much, I cried out, bit into a pillow, just cried and cried. I was bruised from pleasure but now bruised in shocking pain. Master stopped as soon as he knew I had enough, slipping his hand out, but left the wand still on. He went to wash his hands as I tried to calm down.
When he returned, I heard him search in our toy drawer and heard a buzzing as he pushed a vibrator into my vagina, it was instant pleasure but pain too, turning the wand off, he pushed the glass dildo into my ass. I’m not sure why it hurts more when lying on my back, but it does and seems to be harder to slide in. Maybe it’s the position that makes it harder, or seem harder. But my mind was filled with such painful pleasures, tears fell but moans left my mouth as Master pushed each toy into each hole. The thrusts became one long ball of pain, yet I still orgasmed again. Master slipped both out, reached down to kiss me, his tongue pushed into my mouth, as mine and his danced around together. He stood up again then said, “ Right I wanna spank your arse now. “ I pouted a little, “ Wouldn’t you like to fuck me first ? “ I asked him. “ No babe, I still don’t feel well enough. “ He had been having a very bad spell of his IBS, for a few weeks now, it was only just starting to calm down but very slowly. So I knew he must be feeling crap as he hadn’t had his daily blowjob either for a few days either. “ Well leave the spanking , we’ve had plenty of fun. “ I suggested. “ Oh no, I enjoy spanking you. Tell you what, have a break, clean up all the toys then it’s spanking time.
Naturally I did as I was told.

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..he now new he had my attention as I kicked my boxers of and tryed to wiggle and out came the "soooooorrrrryyyyy!¡!!!" "Pleeaassseee!!!" I wiggled and he held me down as he continued the spanking harder, harder, soon I couldn't hold back I broke lose in tears "I'm sorry" I'm sorry" with tears dripping down my cheeks kicking and wiggle heavy not breathing as he painted my bright red cheeks redder, at this point I was 10 year old boy bawling my eyes out he asked if I would behave and I bawled out yes sir!yes sir I promissssseeeee!"..

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I wish this was audio because I would be sniffling right now, I just got out of the corner after probly one of the hardest spankings I have ever discplinenarin got there and began to scold me grounded me for the weekend and sat on a chair in the middle of the living room and called me over with my underwear at my ankles I made my way over there, when I got to him I saw it it was his heavy hairbrush the one that makes boys cry, I got to him as he scolded me he layed me over his knees I waited bare bottomed, as he began hand spanking me hard,then harder,for the next five minutes after the time he had me so I twisted and wiggled, I think I'm always hungry, then he paused right after a shock went through my whole body and i saw it it was his hairbrush he quickly began spanking very,very,very hard....

Brit Spank
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Hi, I'm blogging right now because I'm about to get a very real very severe spanking from my discplinenarin, I'm on my way to the corner to wait for him to come over which will be very quick, what had happened is I didn't pay 2 bills this month that he found out about then I lied to him about working yesterday when I didn't and he found out about and now was furious I had just got home from work when he called and scolded me and we had set up a spanking for Friday, but as I was hanging up I said " this is fuckin bullshit!" Which he heard so now he is on his way over to give me a " very hard spanking" I will write right after

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I just finished WHIPPING the egg whites for a chocolate silk pie for tomorrow. For you NBT fans, they 2 lovely soft, white peaks. Happy Thanksgiving and bon appetit.

For what your bottom is about to receive, may you be truly thankful.

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Why is it so damn difficult to find a sane disciplinarian? I have the displeasure of meeting (not physically) some creepy men that had me second guessing the whole idea of being spanked. However I have made up my mind to be more careful and cautious when screening a potential Daddy Dom. It sucks that people are not honest about their intentions. The first conversation they address is sex and that is not what this site is about. (Am I wrong) I'm looking for like minded adults that are into what this site is designed for. Discipline. Okay. My rant is over. Happy Holidays to you all.

Brit Spank
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Happy Thanksgiving, American spankos.

May you enjoy fabulous food and wonderful whackings.

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Visitin' the woodshed on the ol' farmstead.
Thoughts in overdrive, whispers remain unsaid.
Pouts her face, tries puppy dog eyes.
Not this time naughty girl, not for those lies.

Door is closed and panic sets in.
It's about to get real, leather on skin.
Eyes darting everywhere, intent on escape.
Pants and panties removed, she hides her shape.

Hand begins to chastise, cheeks blushing red.
Puts up a fight as head fills with dread.
Oiled strap hanging awaiting it's turn.
To caress a bottom with it's blistering burn.

Bent across the saddle, bottom in the air.
Leather ravaging cheeks, she suffers her share.
Slumping in defeat, outcome no longer in doubt.
Plots her next prank with a smirk and a pout.

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I would like to wish everyone that celebrates it, a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow. To everyone that doesn't celebrate it, I wish you a wonderful day tomorrow as well! Much love to you all. ♡Kelsin

Brit Spank
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spanko or spankee or to look and see
Iv found so many with intrests like me
videos and pic whips and chains
iv seen it all iv seen the pain

Here we have our blog
where as a group we post
our thoughts and opinions
and what we like most

ditzy lady your rants make me smile
japan your poems written with style
kelsin I love the way you talk
lil cautious girl you truely rock
Just janie your great been here for a while

all in all here has been great
to know im not alone
and not to see hate
st is a place of fun
where with our fetishes
we come together as one.

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probably wont b online tomorrow soo wanted to wish EVERYONE a VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVIN for tomorrow....

I had a good week this week.. worked Mon, took one of my 9 yr old grand daughter sto a drs visit which we didn't get out of til 6pm.. then as it was one of my daughters bdays , my daughters n I all took her out for dinner at Olive Garden... took Tues off for grandparents day n went to school with 3 of my grandsons ( 5, 6 n 10) n then treated them to McDonalds afterwards... worked today.. have tomorrow off, took Fri off , Sat I have one of my 10 month old grandsons overnight...

been busy each day after work preparing for our big Christmas party in Dec ( 16th).. where all 11 of my children will b with their spouses, all 50 grandchildren and all 6 great grandchildren..dave, myself n my ex too... I make a HUGE spaghetti n meatball dinner with tons of goodies for this day.. TWO five gallon buckets of sauce with sausage n meatballs... ive already made two 5lb batches of pb fudge, two trays of butter toffee, 7 batches of mini cream puffs, made enough pb cookie dough n molasses cookie dough for 6 dozen cookies each...ive already cut up browned 8lbs of hot sausage n got it in the freezer, n have done up 117 meatballs too n have them in the freezer .. still more to make... as we get closer ill make coconut macaroons, ritz cracker treats, m&m pretzels. bake off the cookies, make a big batch of muddy buddies, rice krispie bars regular, some with pb n then fruity pebbles crispie bars too.. no bake cookies too... a lot of work but I love every min of it...

anyways.. have a great day tomorrow... n please always remember all u have to be thankful for.............

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im gonna make some lil poems tonight and post them xx

Brit Spank
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About an hour ago I put up some photos, nothing special just of me sleeping! WHY? Because my husband thought he'd send me these pics that apparently he took between 5 and 5.30am this morning! Just to prove a point!

You move around so much he says....and you don't believe me.

Who does that? Get ready for work you saddo.

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I'm so pleased to have shot for Delco Video Productions for the first time with the lovely & very talented Harley Havik.

Check out the preview here:

Peace & Hugs,
MaMa Blue

Brit Spank
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Have a great holiday, spanko family! Love y’all forever!

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The Training of O