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Views: 11 · Added: 3 hours ago

I feel sorry for Santa Clause,he only comes once a year and even then it's down the chimney.

How about Brian the brown nose reindeer? Right behind Rudolf in the team,but can't stop as quick.

One more: What is the selfie addicts favorite Christmas Carol?
Answer: Hark the Herald Angels Sing.......ALL ABOUT ME!!

Happy Christmas Everybody
GB and L

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Views: 16 · Added: 6 hours ago

It's that time again when misbehaviour is rife and spankings need to be administered on a regular basis. Some girls will never learn.

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Views: 20 · Added: 11 hours ago

I wish I didnt have this dang paper to turn in today so i could go out running while its early. but since i cant do that i guess i will have a cup of tea, and write this stupid paper, thats gonna probably take up my whole morning!!!!other than that I have a stalker now, and its getting really annoying! And even though things in my life are kinda upside down right now, I feel like they are headed in a better direction, so I'm not going to worry about the other shit. I deleted about ten videos today, I think I'm going to start something new in relation to my videos. But far as my personal life I am now starting a catering business, and I'm pretty excited about that, because I have always liked to cook. Spanking has been on hold for now in my life, because I am going through a transition right now so spankings will just have to wait.

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Views: 25 · Added: 12 hours ago

What is the medical term for the fatty tissue surrounding the base of the penis?

The husband.


A friend told me he is making love to twins.

I asked how can you tell the difference?

His answer..
"Her brother has a moustache".


The husband has "I love you" tattooed on his penis and goes home to show his wife.

She says, .....................wait for it

"There you go again, trying to put words in my mouth".

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Views: 29 · Added: 18 hours ago

Omg, no, I was not offended, that's not what I meant at all. I certainly did not intend my initial reply to be percieved with a rude tone, but my actual tone was clearly lost in the writing since it is has now resulted in what followed. : ( I apologize that I sometimes just suck at capturing my actual tone in writing. It can happen to anyone, especially since no author has control over the energy, mood or filter of a reader's individual perception, but nonetheless, this time it happened to me. I am sorry I failed to project my tone effectively, and that my failure to do so resulted in the offending of a few of you. I don't want or mean to offend any of you in any way. I simply thought it prudent to clarify right away that it wasn't a death I was referring to. Your comment was very sweet and sincere, but in no way was the actual subject matter deserving of that level of compassionate response, you see. I was compelled to make sure you understood that it wasn't quite that.....heavy. I actually felt bad for evoking that response from you in the first place! I apologize for that as well. You see, I didn't post it to gain the sympathy of anyone, yet, unexpectedly, I did just that. I will explain my actual reason in a moment.

To briefly address the policing of the word "mourning", yes, that is typically a word used in association with the deceased, but that is not it's only use in our language. It describes my experience with a more fitting intensity, and that is why I chose the term. I did indeed have a sad moment, mourning the end of something I held dear, while in a store, staring at my cart, being reminded of that ending. That is what the entire poem is about, and yes, it is just a poem for God sakes.You are correct that I posted it for a reason. I posted it specifically to reach out to the person being mourned. It was meant to let him know he is and was special. I now regret posting the poem, evoking sympathy due to misunderstanding, trying to explain that misunderstanding and I am not to fond of being chewed out and insulted without some attempt at clarification preceeding these judgements. And to the one who posted the comment about not knowing who he is but seeing why he left.....completely uncalled for. That was just cold and callus! Since I was in no way trying to offend any of you to begin with, this mean comment, meant to tear me down and make you feel better, is intentionally hurtful. Luckily, I have enough self worth that I have no need to fire back with something to tear you down in return. That is not the kind of person I am. I posted a poem about a personal feeling in regard to a spanko related activity, much like any other s-tube user. I believe the rest of this thread has sucessfully diluted its meaning and rendered my post useless. Perhaps it would have been better to accept your sympathy and let you believe someone died, but that would have been a fake thing to do, in my opinion, and that is also not the kind of person I am either. I am, however, an imperfect human being that doesn't always project crystal clear tone in my written word. That is not a crime, nor a reason to rip on me as some of you have. Frankly, I do NOT want an apology from any of you. I just want you all to know I meant you no harm and be done with this entire discussion! It saddens me that a poem, posted to make someone feel special, has been twisted into this disgusting display of ugly human behavior.

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Views: 49 · Added: 20 hours ago

Hello Spankos,

It's been such a long time since I found time to blog on here. Now that I've finally graduated, I find myself with plenty of new found free time. So one of the things I got to do today that I haven't done in a long time is shop. I was shopping mostly for Christmas gifts, but I also picked up a couple things for myself. One of those things was a new belt. My old favorite one broke not too long ago, so I definitely needed a replacement. With the belt being my favorite spanking implement, it got me to wondering: when/why do other spankos decide they need to purchase new implements? Do you do it out of necessity such as something breaking, or just to mix things up a little bit? Is it because you saw someone using something in a video and wanted to give it a try? Do you make plans to buy a new implement, or do you do it spontaneously when you see something you like? I'm interested in how people go about this.

Have a good day and thanks for reading.

- Mike

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Views: 40 · Added: 21 hours ago

Christmas Greetings, Puny Humans!

Zim777xyz is super excited to try some earthly Christmas customs, like going on a sleigh ride, making gingerbread houses, decorating a Christmas tree, caroling by a roaring fire, receiving gifts (Zim likes gifts), and the most important one of all - kissing under the mistletoe!

Who would like to kiss Zim777xyz? I'm very kissable and will reserve an especially sloppy one for mistymornings (bah)!

Puny humans with bad breath need not apply for Zim’s mistletoe line – please go visit Santa instead, AND anyone getting too “handsy” with Zim777xyz during the kissing or sleigh ride will be in big trouble. There will be a sound spanking involved and then you'll be tossed into a snowbank.

Kiss, kiss...

P.S. What gifts will Zim777xyz be receiving besides the kisses? Remember, it's better to give than to receive!!!


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Views: 49 · Added: 1 days ago

I took a quiz last night on what type of mistress i am. I don't like the term mistress as I think of the women screaming in porn videos. Its just not me. The results were that I was very loving and put my pleasure first.

For 11 years I was a puppet and was not happy so I left. I now know I like to be in control and be the boss. My Mom asked me the other night how long I will be with " Big John" ? I told her "as long as he has marks on his bottom." I shared with her,five of the best pictures from the 36 minute spanking. Now she is happy unlike the first couple times I showed her pictures of me spanking him. Before it was " Why you do that?" or " I never knew women can do that" Now its "I trust him more " Thought you were going to get hurt before but now I see you really are in control of your life. Good."

So why am I loving but still sadid? I love it when Big johne shows he loves me more and submits to hot candle wax or the cane. He don't like it but his love is greater then the fear of pain. I then have the security that I wont go through another 11 years of being a little puppet. I love Big john and don't see myself ever changing him. As long as i give marks on his bottom. I will be his loving Princess.

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Views: 92 · Added: 1 days ago

A twinge of sadness fills my heart,
My eyes lowered, staring at my cart.
My treasured friend I moarn this day.
It was just last week he was out this way.
The texts, the brainstorming, the thrifting, just gone.
And somehow I am supposed to just carry on.
But I miss my treasured shopping friend,
The repurposing fun was not supposed to end.
No more will we exchange photos of our latest finds,
Or go out on a hunt and discuss things on our minds.
No more sincere hugs at the end of the day,
Because my treasured friend has now gone away.I miss you, "snuffy".

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Views: 176 · Added: 1 days ago

I am definetely blessed and happy to see 25.... 7 years ago i never would of thought i would of made it this far accomplished so much in my life but im thankful that i have.

Never had a birthday spanking but definetely wouldnt mind it.....maybe.....i guess their is a first for everything. However i would only want the hand.....if i was given an option if thats fair enough.

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Views: 138 · Added: 1 days ago

I'm sorry I have not posted in a while. I was speeding and wrecked my car. If I hear that anyone on this site is doing the same thing. I'm going to snatch you up, and tear you ass up! N0T Joking!. I could have lost my life. S0 instead of you loosing yours. 0nly your ass will be lost. I will be in the BIG NY IN THE NEXT 48HR. SO HIT ME UP IF YOU WANT AND NEED A SESSION!

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Views: 151 · Added: 1 days ago


This day is the day the new season of the earth cycle begins and the good riches of the earth begin to grow to sustain us once more. Or in other words, get out the seed catalogs. And since this is the longest night of the year, put it to good use, if’n you know what I mean.

C., xx to all.

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Views: 58 · Added: 1 days ago

Today is my baby sister's birthday so, that means my birthday will be here very soon. I thank God each day for a great life. I know I have had my share of ups and downs but through it all I can still put a smile on my face and reflex "If Had not been for the grace and mercy that God gave I would be dead and sleeping in my grave." Thank you for blessing me. Merry Christmas everyone and have blessed Happy New Year

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Views: 151 · Added: 2 days ago

In a pinch, the (thornless) stem of a defunct long-stem rose can deliver an amusing amount of sting, and leave lines to prove it.

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Views: 144 · Added: 2 days ago

Hi, My name is Blissful, but at the moment I am anything but. I'm new to this community. If you search for my name, or look on the community page you will not be able to locate me. Without appearing on the community page no one will know I exist. That will make it difficult to meet anyone, or make friends. I sent Spanking Tube a request for help, but I thought maybe you guys would have a quicker solution for me. If you have any ideas please either post them here, or send them to my inbox.

I'm looking forward to meeting you.

Thank You,

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Views: 107 · Added: 2 days ago

So I saw this photo and I love it not sure what film it is from it looks like a mainstream film and not a spanking film any Ideas?

Sincerely MR. M

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Views: 79 · Added: 3 days ago

Well, I knew it would happen one day. Someone I know in the real world coming across Ms Daisy Steiner and thinking, "Hang on, that's......" And he was right. Even if he doubted for a second then the references to Brian Molko and Viz were a giveaway. Drop the spanking references add a bit more swearing and you have my Facebook page (although I no longer use the nom de guerre, Daisy Steiner)

Luckily for me it was a charming, witty and wonderful friend with whom I know my secret is safe.

So, if you're reading this......I love you, and you are, by far the coolest person I know x

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Views: 96 · Added: 3 days ago

I was having a discussion with "Spankmesweetly" last night, and she showed me a photo of a pair of wooden salad spoons. Actually, one of them was a spork. She then said that she tested each one out on her leg. She said that the spork was stingy, and the spoon was thuddy. Which did I prefer?
I replied with "Stingy, because to me that feels more like a spanking, than thuddy does." She then agreed with me.
The wooden spoon I used in the video was definitely stingy, but had a hint of thuddy. The only drawback is that it doesn't offer a full bottom sting, like my TITAN paddle would. Even with a selfie spank, the Titan paddle cannot cover my whole bottom swinging it back armed. I told "spankmesweetly" that part and she took the hint, as to what I was saying, so I may have stuck my foot in my mouth on that one,lol. She's my best friend and we've literally spent hours talking about spanking. We see eye to eye on spanking: impliments, positioning, severity...the whole thing. The only bad part is distance. While only 200 miles, it is still 200 miles. lol. I will say without a doubt that she trusts me and I trust her. Eventually we will meet, and when we part...our red bottoms will be glowing

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Views: 85 · Added: 3 days ago

I don't understand to why we fall off track so often , I Just want a true dd lifestyle but I don't think I am ever really going to get that , which I think im just going to have to deal with that .. I like it when we play an I guess that kinda evens out the playing field , since it has been so long since he has taken control , it feels like there is no balance ... pretty much I just do as I please with out an kind of discipline which I truly need .. I don't like having to beg for something, if he is in control then he should be in control .. I guess asking him to play spank an what not is fine cause it is playing , but truly asking him to give discipline when he damn well knows that I need it an so do I but he doesn't give out anything drives me nuts , an when I truly try to just say hey I really need this I get im questioning his judgment ... Communication seems to be one of his lacking areas to where I don't have that problem with communicating .. Sorry to vent lol

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Views: 99 · Added: 3 days ago

A Santa on every corner
Macy's window is aglow
The skaters glide so smoothly
While the traffic's much too slow.
St. Patrick's stands majestic
And Sak's still wears her bow
As shoppers buy their presents
With the toddlers in tow.
Lovers stroll together
Eyes sparkling in the lights
A pub perhaps, a small cafe
After taking in the sights.
Be sure to take a carriage ride
All through Central Park
The city is most beautiful
When it's after dark.
Tourists snap their pictures
And weary travelers sigh
While all the city's children
Look for reindeer in the sky.
The lights of Broadway glitter
When the sun goes down
There is nothing like New York
When Santa is in town.

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