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Midterms are all A's!!!

I've finished my project ahead of schedule and my replacement passport came in super fast. *my daughter decided it would be a great idea to color in my other one* I was worried that I wouldn't get it in time.

I'm headed to Ibiza on the 4th (ia) and I'll finally get to see my Daddy. Plus, I'll finally get that long overdue spanking. I've amassed quite a debt in the spanking department. *nervously chuckles*

I'm so happy and hearing my Daddy's happiness adds to that.

If he wouldnt blister my backside, I'd post a pic of my bum in scrubs. But for a number of reasons I am not allowed. *sad face*

But I will keep y'all posted.

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One of my loyal subscribers prescribed Sandy's next punishment and as you will see my dear readers, it is quite severe. The bitter soap touches the tongue then saliva fills the mouth and mixes with the soap. Rather than swallow this foul mixture, she gags and drools. To add to the punishment, it is a rule that she better not drool on my antique stool "or there will be hell to pay on top of this punishment!"

The poor girl has no choice but to drool on herself and hope it soaks into her panties or stockings instead of dripping onto the stool. Then just like that, 30 minutes later you have a contrite misty eyed girl who is ready to beg you for a whipping rather than endure another second of the soap.

In fact, before it comes out, I ask her if she's ready to be whipped and to my delight, I am met with an eager and tearful nod. Of course, this girl is sorry, but she's not ready to apologize. Not quite yet. Stay tuned for more...

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Been browsing on SpankingTube for many years, never really signed in or knew about the community on here. I usually use fet or to find like minded friends. Please feel free to message me if your in the seattle area and want to learn more about me. My fet name is gentlemanstatus

I'm a pretty busy entrepreneur with my own company. Friends would call me driven, ambitious, confident and genuine. Some things I enjoy are spanking naughty bottoms, sporting events, sushi , hiking and nights in watching whatever. The life of most parties. I just love a good conversation. I am a big personally with a big sense of humor. My favorite implement is the paddle but can deliver a hell of swat with my hand. There's been some instances where someone wanted the belt instead of my hand Shocked

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A - Uma garota que bate
B - Um garoto que apanha

A - Na infância
B - Na adolescência
C - Na fase adulta

A - Na infãncia
B - Na adolescência
C - Na fase adulta

A - Deitado no seu colo
B - Deitado na cama
C - Em pé
D - Apoiado em algum móvel
E - Outra (Qual?)

A - Deitado no colo
B - Deitado na cama
C - Em pé
D - Apoiado em algum móvel
E - Outra (Qual?)

A - Chinelo
B - Cinta
C - Vara
D - Escova de cabelo
E - Escova de banho
F - Palmatória
G - Tábua (Paddle)
H - Mangueira de borracha
I - Fio
J - Chicote

A - Chinelo
B - Cinta
C - Vara
D - Escova de cabelo
E - Escova de banho
F - Palmatória
G - Tábua (Paddle)
H - Mangueira de borracha
I - Fio
J - Chicote

"Vocês não precisam responder todas as perguntas, respondam apenas as que forem interessantes para vocês e se quiserem escrever algo mais que simplesmente responder sintam-se à vontade"

Kissuha Nabbundha

Visitem minha página da web:

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As you can see I'm bored since I keep posting on here I've cleaned I've baked made my bed so bored

Spanked Schoolgirl
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I am looking for girl for spanking role play in san francisco

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I made some new stockings with bows for Sandy and she's back to show off her wares.

But, oops... That mouth of hers.

I would love to hear some ideas about what I should do when I get her home. ;) Would it be an hour of corner time? Writing sentences? Soap in her mouth? Belt? Hairbrush?

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Ok here's couldn't sleep so I get up making all kinds of noise in the kitchen baking at 3 am when the other person is trying to sleep like I've said I'm hard to handle

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Thwack!! Thwack!!!! Hold still darling or I'll have to give you another on the thighs to teach you to hold still.

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Does anybody know of a black male that is into spanking guys? If so can you please add me and message me directly???

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Spent time with my kids today now home trying to relax... Alot on my mind my x is threating to take my kids across country to live. And I told him he isn't taking my kids anywhere... Over my dead body I told him. He don't even work hasn't for 10 year's.. so IAM very stressed and. At my breaking point. At this point don't know if IAM coming or going my brain won't stop spinning.... Just feel like crying but IAM not going to he isn't worth it... Lazy ass peice of fucken shit.. ok getting of of here...

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Here's this one could use an enama blistering but no one in Tulsa can handle me what would happen if I called into work went to casino blew most of my money. Then go out with someone rather than the person in charge of me

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Girls, I'm looking to give my belt a bit of a rest and would like some volunteers to go over my knee so I can warm the palm of my hand up on your naughty bottoms. Traditional OTK is still my favourite.

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I have only ever been punished by Men before, and I thoroughly enjoy it (sometimes:-). However, what i would really love is to be on the receiving end of a good spanking from a stern Miss one day. Whether it ever happens I don't know but it's good to dream I guess

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Since having another piercing Migration happen, my OCD is going crazy.
Now I'm left with 2 rings on my left labia and 3 on my right.
Luckily my piercer said it would only take a month to heal and be pierced again but til then, it's driving me crazy.
I'm one of those annoying people that has the volume on an even number only, I will not open a packet of crisps/fries upside down, I buy things in an even number, including clothes and groceries, much to G's annoyance. Yes I will buy 2 of the same skirt, or 2 pairs of boots, I can't help myself.
Clothes, when I was allowed to wear knickers, I would choose the top I was wearing first, then choose a skirt or trousers ( back when I was allowed to wear them,) then choose a matching bra, knickers, socks and shoes. If I went out my handbag had to match too.
When our son was a baby, his entire outfit matched, including pacifier and pacifier holder and bottles. If he needed to change clothes, then everything was changed.
Something which I've passed onto him, as he has terrible OCD. Clothes have to match in his wardrobe, all the whites together, blacks, etc. Everything has its place and God help you if you put it in the wrong place. He makes a salad and everything is chopped to exactly the same size, about a 1cm cubes. I think his is actually worse than mine.
But he's not left with mismatched labia rings.
Can't wait until I can it pierced once more. But do I go a smaller gauge, 2.4, or do I just go the gauge I will be on when I get it done.
So either 3, as it is now or 4.
It's gonna sting a lot going with a 3 or 4 gauge, 2.4 was bad enough. In fact it's gonna fucking kill.
But my OCD will be going mad if I have the wrong thickness compared to the others.
I will have to see.
But for now, I'm unmatched. :(.

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DirtySerf was in training, bondage and swinging were an important part of Masters play.
He timed her during each swing and expected her to beat each score.
If she didn't, he would punish her.
That had happened 3 times so far, and he expected there will be more.
9 1/2 minutes was her previous time. He wanted her to get to half an hour.
He repeated telling her to relax, concentrate on breathing and meditating, this will help her. Not that she did it, which is why she failed 3 times. If you do not beat your time, I will bring out the lash, and yes, this is a promise. Time starts now, then he carefully removed the chair she was standing on, gave her a moment to settle herself, put a beeper in her hand to press when she couldn't manage anymore, this notified him to go and get her down. It also had a timer on it, so he got the correct time, no chance for her to try and cheat, like he knows she does.
How long will she manage today ?

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I'm not sunbathing with my arse out anymore! ...my bum never looks like he's touched it let alone spanked it.....when he's at work... sometimes leaving me for 14 hours...I like to look at his marks on me and I can't fucking see them! ...I don't wanna see my arse I wanna see welts...

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